UK Dating Fair October 2019 | About Us
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About Us

The UK Dating Fair is organised by dating and relationship psychologist Madeleine Mason Roantree along with the help of her industry colleagues.


The event came about in response to the rise in smartphones and apps, making it more difficult to find good relationships. Everything is now up for negotiation, renegotiation or interpretation. Does the person you meet really want a relationship? Are they stringing you along?  Why does it seem so difficult to meet someone decent? What do you do with all these mixed signals?  How can you tell whether someone is genuine? When is something actually a relationship? And how does one deal with ghosting, cushioning or benching?


In tandem to this, there are now so many services and offerings for singles, such as matchmaking, singles events and date coaching, that it has become overwhelming to figure out where to start on the journey for finding love. The UK Dating Fair wants to help untangle that and give you an opportunity to meet the people behind the websites and get a feel for what services would be best suited.


Madeleine has taken it upon herself, along with her contemporaries, to solve these issues. They support single people looking for real, lasting and meaningful relationships. That is why she organises the UK Dating Fair – to help serious daters find the right support whether that be via the matchmaking route, dating coaching or learning which sites and apps are best for you.


Collectively the mission is to support and help singles looking for love find what they are looking for. Dating can be a minefield to navigate around, and many people find it is a personally challenging experience but it need not be, and that is what we hope to alleviate.


Any questions?