UK Dating Fair October 2019 | The Dating Mindset: The First Steps to Getting Ready for a New Relationship
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The Dating Mindset: The First Steps to Getting Ready for a New Relationship

The Dating Mindset: The First Steps to Getting Ready for a New Relationship

As a Dating Coach, I know that dating can be confusing.  You try to keep your options open, or at least try hard not to get too attached at the beginning. This mentality is great when you’re initially getting to know someone. It helps you to freely communicate about you might both be looking for.

However, when you start to get a little more serious, that thought process starts to shift. You aren’t thinking of your other options but instead start focusing all your mental energy on just the one person. After a while you start to believe you’re ready to be exclusive. You’re attached and ready to fall in love.

That’s the natural progression of the dating process.

Sadly, being in love doesn’t mean you’re ready for a serious relationship. So, how do you know if you’re ready and what can you do to get there?

Understand yourself

As your thinking shifts, make a conscious effort to understand how and why it’s shifting. Recognise what is changing inside your mind as this will help you know if you’re on the right path. Understanding yourself is a good way to keep both of you happy. You should take ownership of your actions, reactions and thought patterns. Also, you’ll want to understand the more physical side of yourself as well. A relationship means sharing every part of yourself and you can’t share what you don’t understand. It’s going to be a fun and interesting learning process for you both.

Learn to Be Open

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To be psychologically prepared for a relationship you have be as open as possible . Of course, you can always get to know yourself with your partner in the same way your partner will begin to know themselves with you. Sometimes the learning experience is separate, other times it is completely possible to be done together. It may even spark a new connection within both of you to try new things and break new barriers together. If you’re not on the same page about getting to know yourselves, it can cause a pressure that will drift you apart. You don’t want anything to come between the two of you at the beginning of the relationship.

So take the time to get to know who you are before you get involved with someone else. That way, as you continue to discover yourself, there will be less pressure on your partner.

You’ll know you’re ready for a real relationship when you are completely in control. If you understand why you do certain things then you’re ahead of all the rest. Many people don’t try to understand themselves, so they are always lacking in communication. After all, if you can’t manage to understand yourself, you’ll never manage to understand someone else.

The shift from the dating mindset can often go without being noticed. But you’ll find yourself thinking less about attracting a mate and thinking more about improving yourself for the mate you already have. If you’re already working on yourself, then you can spend your time getting to know new people instead.

Happy dating!

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